How A Corporate Lawyer Contributes To The Success Of A Business


Corporate lawyers are the kind of attorneys responsible for managing all of the legal aspects of a business, bar none. They are directly responsible for many tasks such as overseeing contracts, providing legal representation, offering advice, setting up business entities and also consulting with management on how to use the law to companies’ full advantage in a variety of business matters.  With the help of a corporate lawyer, a business will be in a better position to be more strategic and successful. 


There are many occasions and contexts in which a corporate lawyer can be helpful to a business. One of those instances is when the business needs legal representation. Another instance is when executives need to get a better understanding of government regulations. Corporate lawyers are also helpful whenever a company looks to protect its intellectual property and seeks the best strategy for its key markets globally, to name only a few instances.  A corporate lawyer can help businesses in a variety of different situations. 


  • Set Up Business Entities to Lower Legal and Tax Liability

There are several roles that a corporate lawyer can play in the overall success of a business. One of the ways in which a corporate lawyer can help a business succeed is by setting up a business entity as a separate legal structure. In other words, corporate lawyers can help form a corporation so that a business can lower its tax liabilities as well as insulating the shareholders or membership interests from legal liability using the limited liability feature of most corporate structures. With their knowledge and expertise, corporate lawyers can efficiently organize a business as an entity that will benefit financially. 

  • Uses Litigation to Settle Disputes

Another way in which a corporate lawyer can help a business be more successful is to use litigation to settle disputes. Whenever a business is involved in a lawsuit, it will benefit by using the expertise provided by a corporate lawyer. With a corporate lawyer, a business can have someone who will help them select the proper litigator for their case and jurisdiction, understand how lawsuits work as a matter of procedure and risk management, as well as providing expert supervision of the lawsuit as it develops and progresses.  As a result, the business will be positioned to make the most cost-effective and smart strategic and tactical judgments during litigation, increasing the chances of a positive result. 

  • Drafts and Finalizes Contracts

Corporate lawyers are also helpful to businesses who are looking to draft and finalize contracts. In many businesses, there are certain commercial and other agreements that are proposed to which two or more parties need to agree in writing.  A corporate lawyer can help with this process by drafting a contract, explaining the provisions, the pros and cons, as well as the risks, and also making sure that all issues are properly fleshed out and dealt with. 


Whenever a business is looking to find a corporate lawyer, there are a number of ways in which it can achieve this task. First, they can ask for referrals from colleagues. By networking with other business professionals, a business will be able to learn more about corporate lawyers and their track record. They can also go on the internet and research corporate lawyers and the firms that provide such services. Lastly, businesses can use recruiters to hire a corporate lawyer as in house counsel as well.  


While there are many options that a business can choose from when looking to hire a corporate lawyer, there is one  firm that stands head and shoulders above the rest in acumen, experience, and integrity. Businesses that are looking to get a corporate lawyer will benefit by working with David Page Law. This firm provides a wide range of corporate legal services, offers affordable, transparent fees and advance estimates, and also provides very personalized service. With David Page Law, businesses will be able to get the legal counsel they need in order to address any legal concerns and succeed.


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